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Callous Brigade

8 thoughts on “ Callous Brigade

  1. Callous definition, made hard; hardened. See more. "Little Women" may be a classic, but that doesn't mean we all know the meanings of the vocab words from the book.
  2. Gallius Rax was the Counselor to the Empire, and therefore, the de facto leader of the Shadow Council as well as the Galactic Empire at large during the last months of the Galactic Civil War. An orphan toughened by life in the harsh desert of Jakku, the child once known as Galli grew up to become a naval officer in the Imperial Military. An Admiral by the time of the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY.
  3. callous (adj.) c. , "hardened," in the physical sense, from Latin callosus "thick-skinned," from callus, callum "hard skin" (see callus). The figurative sense of "unfeeling, hardened in the mind" appeared in English by s. Related: Callously; callousness.
  4. brigade: [noun] a large body of troops. a tactical and administrative unit composed of a headquarters, one or more units of infantry or armor, and supporting units.
  5. Callus is a noun meaning a localized thickening of the skin, and a verb meaning to form a localized thickening of the skin. Callused means having many enacsporysanni.sputdubbrilacipalbgeginsnaceslekett.infoinfos is closely related to callus, but it’s figurative—that is, it doesn’t describe actual skin—and it is never a noun. As an adjective, it means toughened or enacsporysanni.sputdubbrilacipalbgeginsnaceslekett.infoinfo a verb, it means to make or become callous.
  6. Synonyms for callous at enacsporysanni.sputdubbrilacipalbgeginsnaceslekett.infoinfo with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for callous.

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